Years ago, in 2011, I started this blog as a high school senior. I was about to embark on the great college adventure and had all kinds of ideas about how my life would or could go.

None of them happened.

As it often does, life took some twists and turns, things started looking up then came crashing down, and plans rarely materialized as I visualized, if at all. But that’s how things go.

Now, instead of having my bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and working as a journalist for some big-name newspaper, traveling the world to cover all the hardest hitting stories, I ended up leaving a small private school close to home just short of graduation and work at a local property management company, while simultaneously taking classes at a community college. My path took a goofy loop somewhere along the way.


But I must say, I’ve learned a lot about life and myself, and some of the little trails I wandered down have started me thinking about different goals, better priorities, and how I interact with the world around me.

I found that I enjoy experiencing things– books, restaurants, podcasts, events– and I like pointing other people to things they might enjoy or benefit from. So that’s what I do here.

I hope you find something useful here. Enjoy!