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Podcasts I’ve Listened To: Sword and Scale with Mike Boudet

Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a great two weeks (and by great, I mean lacking in energy and motivation but not in things to do). Not sure if this has contributed to the podcast I’ve been listening to recently. We’ll pretend it hasn’t.

I’ve always been a fan of crime dramas and true crime. The very first podcast I listened to was Serial (which reminds me, I should probably review that too…), and I was hooked. I hate talk radio; I don’t really listen to NPR. But Serial was good. When I finished the first season, I wanted something else. I tried one called Criminal, which was okay but rather unorganized and kind of undramatic (though I did find the Venus Fly Trap black market episode to be rather intriguing).

Then I stumbled upon Sword and Scale. Hour-long episodes focusing intensely on crimes and court proceedings from all over the world, including some huge headlines? I’ll take it.

They covered the Oscar Pistorius trial, they talked about Casey Anthony and similar cases, and they also told the story of Belle Gunness, one of the most prolific serial killers ever, not just for a woman.  They use real audio from newscasts at the time, the actual trials, 911 recordings, and bring in experts either associated with the story or part of the fields being discussed.

This podcast is both fascinating and terrifying. It highlights the fact that, as their tagline says, “sometimes the worst monsters are real.” If you’re faint of heart, do not listen to this podcast. It alludes to just how many dangerous people are out there– sometimes living right next door or even in your own house– and really makes you look more closely at those around you. On the other hand, it also makes you appreciate those in your life who aren’t psychopaths. It’s all about perspective.

Another awesome thing about this podcast is the music. Intro, exit, interlude, it’s all good. If you like a little ambient electronica, you’re going to love this. I’ve used some of the soundtracks for my study playlist. Quite often, it will add to the suspense factor.

If you’re into serial killers, cannibalism, kidnapping, and psychological torture (learning about these things, not practicing…) all backed by cool sounds, I highly recommend checking out Sword and Scale. It’s terrifyingly entertaining.