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Hitting the… Well, I’m Not Quite Gym-Ready Yet…

So I’ve finally done it… I’ve hopped on the healthy train, and I’m working my way up from the caboose. The myth of the Freshman 15 (or 40, depending on who you talk to…) finally got to me, and I want to prevent a wardrobe reform in the short-term. Clothes are expensive. In the long-term, I just want to be healthy– less money spent on doctors, drugs (legitimate medication, never the illegal kind), and other bad health-related expenses, monetary or otherwise.

Now I’m heading into completely uncharted territory. For one, the only time I ever really “worked out” was at recess in elementary school and in gym throughout the first nine years or so of school. Outside of that, it’s mostly been sitting at my computer or in front of a television or reading a book or doing homework. And those don’t burn too many calories, unless you’re¬†walking and reading as I do every so often. So I’m starting a walk/jog routine three days a week. It’s more like a walk/walk/jog/walk deal right now, but I’m starting slowly. And I’m doing resistance exercises and ab workouts and attempting push ups. The girly kind. I’m working my way up. Eventually, I’ll feel comfortable enough to do some real exercise in the recreation center on campus.

The second problem is eating healthy. Granted, we have a fantastic dining hall on campus with plenty of healthy options, including vegetarian and vegan menus. But I also don’t have unlimited funds in my student account, which I also use for books and gifts and other necessities for college living (like that $60 sweatshirt I bought; it gets cold crossing campus). And dining hall food gets boring after a while. This is the nice thing about the cash flow from the bowling alley, since I’m able to go buy fresh ingredients from the local giant eagle and create my own healthy concoctions. Which means I’ll also be working on something else I’ve never really done: cooking.

I guess that means the benefits of living healthier are two-fold. I get into better shape, and I learn how to cook. Fantastic! Wait… Three-fold. I get to buy new books. I’m very excited about this. And I’ve found some really great cook books in the campus book store. I’m excited about this. Even if my muscles are screaming at me. They rather enjoyed the company of Chair and Couch. They don’t seem to excited about meeting Pavement and the Resistance Bands. I guess they’ll just have to get over it. Wish me luck!

Any good tips for this new journey? Any delicious recipe ideas?