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Places I’ve Been: The Brew Kettle

I feel kind of bad that it’s taken me this long to give a shout out to The Brew Kettle in Strongsville, Ohio. They’re on the Brewery Passport but we’ve been hanging out with them long before the inception of the passport.

I wouldn’t say we go just for the beer or just for the food, though both are good– in fact, their White Rajah IPA took first place in a national taste test of 116 American-style IPAs. What we do show up for, again and again, is the brew-your-own feature.

If you’ve ever wondered where your beer comes from, how it gets to be the delicious fizzy beverage you enjoy with whatever type of sports ball happens to be in season, or if you just wanted to experiment with some unique ingredients and flavors, The Brew Kettle in Strongsville is a great place to start. All equipment and ingredients are on site and the staff is happy to help with the brewing and bottling process.

This is a great thing to do with friends since the end product is 72 22-oz bottles of homebrew, a.k.a. A Lot Of Beer. They also apparently have done things with fundraising and corporate team building events, which sounds like a very productive way to use your drinking habit. Highly recommended.

Never fear, though, if you aren’t interested in creating your own alcohol. There’s also a plain old restaurant and bar side to this venue, where they offer local and national craft brews alongside their own as well as some good eats. I highly recommend their pretzels, as they come with delicious hot mustard that pairs well with a cool brew. You can eat, drink, and be merry at any of their 3 locations– Strongsville, Amherst, or Hudson.

Whether you’re looking for your stamp, grabbing food and drinks, or interested in creating your own beer, The Brew Kettle will fit the bill.