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Places I’ve Been: Blue Habanero

Tacos are life. The nice thing about Cleveland is that there are a number of Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican, and other types of Hispanic and Latin restaurants all across the region– and a new one has taken up residence near the corner of Detroit and West 65th in the form of Blue Habanero. Last week I celebrated Taco Tuesday there; I was not disappointed. 

The menu is relatively small but has a nice selection of tacos, which is clearly the focus. Sure, they have some other staples on the list like some burritos and queso, but even on the menu, the tacos draw the eye.

It’s nothing fancy or exotic for the most part. Different styles of pork and beef, some chicken, some seafood, typically with a slaw of some sort and pineapple. They change it up a little with their guac, topping it with pomegranate seeds– which is a pleasant addition of acidity since it’s lacking in lime for my taste. But I will say that it’s familiar and well-presented, and the margaritas are just the right combination of tangy and sweet.

The space is simultaneously smaller than expected and deceptively large. It’s a very deep restaurant and has two floors and a bit of a patio area out back, but the tables are quite close together, giving it a very… cozy feel. The two-seater we were at was also a little too small to accommodate the trays they bring the food on. 

But overall, this isn’t a bad little joint for a quick bite. The service was decent, the prices are reasonable, and everything comes out quick. And of course, you can’t beat the location– right in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District. Grab some tacos and tequila at Blue Habanero then head over to see a movie at the Capitol Theater or play a little pinball at SuperElectric.

If you’re looking for someplace to celebrate Taco Tuesday, Blue Habanero is a pretty good choice.