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2012: Furthering the Development of a Writer

WritingEveryone’s doing it. I suppose I should hop on the bandwagon. New Year’s Resolutions are hot right now, so I might as well set some for myself. But I don’t think I should waste my time on several goals, making them completely out of reach because my focus is spread so thin. Instead, I have only one that I would like to focus as much time, energy, and attention on as possible.

Write more.

That’s it. It seems to be the number one tip from established writers to budding writers, from what I’ve gathered. I’ve listened to a few writers speak, interviewed one for a project, and been doing lots of reading on writing (they do say that the best writers read…). That simple instruction, “Write more,” pops up everywhere. I would like to be an established writer, a professional journalist. So I’m going to do just that.

I’ve gotten away from writing in the past few months because I’ve been a bit distracted. The first semester of college will do that to a person. And while academic papers are important, there’s plenty more to writing than analyzing books. Unless you’re a book critic. But there are so many different facets to writing– news articles, poetry, plays, fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, creative non-fiction… I could go on and on. It seems that I really need more variety in my writing, not just explaining symbolism and foreshadowing or analyzing a theme using examples from literature.

So that is my resolution. I’m going to write more. I have a computer with two different word processing programs. I have two blogs. I have a newspaper editor who would like to hear from me again. I have plenty of notebooks, some of which I bought myself and others that were given to me as gifts, and pens are always collecting in my purse, my desk, my hand… In short, I have plenty of supplies and mediums for writing. Now it’s up to me to take the time to sit down and crank out some writing. Just to write. Maybe I’ll start by finishing up that news article. Then I’ll start posting regularly on both my blogs, as opposed to, “Hey, I haven’t written anything on my blog in a while. I think I’ll do that.” That’ll definitely help. So here I go. I’m off to write.