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I like the feel of a book in my hand and physically turning the pages. The scritch-scratch of a pen on paper makes me feel I have a deep connection to my writing. And when talking to people in person, it’s easy to give a comforting hug or a playful smack. However, I’ve found something’s changing.

Technology is finally invading my life. I’ve got a new laptop, a new messaging phone, and a new desktop. I’ve made a Twitter, been spending more time on Facebook, and started a blog (as you must know…). Youtube and free mp3 downloads have finally found a home on my computer. Typed articles and short stories are quickly replacing my– ahem– ‘unique’ handwritten sheets. I use video chat, and I’m constantly texting and emailing people. It’s strange, because now I feel like I would never be able to enjoy life if I didn’t have all these new tools and toys. What’s happening to me?!

Unfortunately, it’s probably the same thing that’s happening all over the world, particularly in my generation and those behind. Technology is becoming a staple in everyday life. Electronic communication, i.e. texting and Tweeting, is the norm. The Internet is the new omniscient encyclopedia. Who wants to take the time to dust off those old volumes anyway? And why take a shower, get dressed, and leave the house to see your friends when you can just Skype them from the convenience of your cozy bed?

Electricity is quickly taking over the world, and screens are everywhere you look. Books are an endangered species, being edged out of existence by eReaders– Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. Computer labs take up at least a room or two in schools, and a large amount of jobs require the use of a computer. Bills can be paid online, movies can be streamed to phones and televisions without the use of a disc or that ancient device called a tape. Even the senses are being overloaded with electricity. And no, I don’t mean stimulating the senses by literally shocking someone…

Everything is HIGH DEFINITION. Because green is great, but HIGH DEFINITION green makes the grass on that HIGH DEFINITION television screen look real as you watch it grow. And HIGH DEFINITION radio makes those guitar riffs Hendrix is shredding even more mind-blowing, minus the mind-altering substances, though adding some ear protection probably couldn’t hurt. We like to be stimulated, and HD is definitely pandering to our whims. There are also various other stimulants for our other senses, as well. Ever heard of a little brand named Glade? I hear they make some pretty mean electronic candle-lit paper scent things.

Electronics and technology are the driving forces behind society today, but I’m rather reluctant to step into the stream. Sure, it makes life easier in so many ways, but I can’t help feeling… robotic. All the circuits and pixels and servers seem to take the energy we put into being human and transfer it into being a machine: efficient, but impersonal. What’s so wrong with being human? Having a little bit of emotion? Pulling away from a device every now and then to see a fellow human? And just what effect is all the tech time having on people? Is it a good thing that we’re simplifying our lives by creating more and more complex technology? Or is there a negative force lurking beneath the batteries and keyboards?



At this point in time, I'm exploring. I'm returning to things I've drifted away from, I'm starting to look at and improve myself, and I'm trying to figure out what it is this crazy universe has in store for me by learning and trying new things. The path I was on wasn't working, so I'm trying a newer, smaller, more challenging one. Join me.

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